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Hena Husain - Speaking for Life

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The rapid pace of our world today demands leaders that are focused, influential, and unafraid of change. Effective leaders compel their organizations out of the comfort zone and guide them on the path to success. At Speaking for Life, we understand that moving your business beyond the status quo is an inside job – one that begins in the mind of each and every member of your team.

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As a successful business owner, Dr. Hena Husain understands the challenges faced by many leaders today. For over 10 years, Hena has consulted with hundreds of business professionals, community leaders, and organizations around the world, including Wireless Toys and Pakistani Women's Association. As a sought-after mind coach, author, and speaker, her guidance in matters of personal and organizational wellness has inspired many to overcome limitations and aim higher, resulting in accomplishments they never thought possible.

Hena’s message is grounded in the power of positive thinking and the achievement of success in business, health, and relationship wellness. Respected worldwide for her expertise in communication and leadership, Hena delivers an impassioned message that motivates participants to create positive change in their professional and personal lives.

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